Yoga benefits for kids

IMG_3388Practicing yoga did not come naturally to me. It was more out of necessity, to calm the mind and gain much needed focus, that I took to the mat, more than two years ago. A whole world opened up to me, and it demanded focus and attention which I never thought I would channel that way. I realized quickly just how amazing and beneficial yoga can be. The emphasis is on CAN BE. You really have to practice yoga on a consistent basis and be very patient with your body, in order to reap its many rewards.

I enrolled my Gem as soon as kids classes became available at my yoga studio. Saturday afternoon for one hour a group of kids her age would be guided through yoga positions. I gladly shared my mat with her and saw how much she enjoyed learning and showing me the positions she learnt that day.

Kids have a natural ability to learn new movements and to bend their little bodies in different shapes and of course they can benefit tremendously from yoga at a very young age. They can improve their attention span , focus better and learn patience with themselves and others! They can learn about their bodies and what they can achieve in a very special way. Really, the benefits are too many to list! I strongly recommend to fellow parents to at least give this a try!

Gem practices some of the yoga positions she learnt at home. I know this will only benefit her in the future. Hopefully this will be one outlet she will turn to when the times get tough…when stress mounts, as a teenager and young adult and well into the future. Here is to hoping that she will turn to her yoga mat instead of other perhaps self destructive or harmful things!